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About Me

I am Ferry veldhuizen, 33 years of age, and i am known for my refined style of landscape photography, but you can find me everywhere! 

Sea scapes, mountains vista's, or the landscapes in my home county, The Netherlands.

I have seen lots of places,  and most of them you can find in my portfolio, but there is so much to explore! 

In my daily life i work for the KLM royal dutch airlines as a aircraft technician, do to im working I shifts, I had plenty of time to develop my skill set and share my passions on the social media platforms, and my engagement grew and grew, so I decided in August 19 to start my own company in photography, and maybe as you can guess its called "Ferry Veldhuizen photography" and things become very serious, sins then I did real estate photography, professional drone flying and performing special assignments on industrial photography for clients. its been crazy how my photography involved in 8 years time, and the passion is still growing, talking about making your hobby your passion, and from your passion your work!

thanks for stopping by, iff you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks, Ferry

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